A Victorian monologue/narrative poem

A lady brought in a monologue/poem which her grandmother used to recite but she can’t trace its origins. The title they know it by is “The Soldier’s Revenge” and it tells a sad tale of a young wife seduced from her farmer husband by a dashing Colonel Fitzwarren only to be later abandoned and die.  Her erstwhile husband comes across the Colonel in need of aid on the battle field and has his revenge.  Does anyone know it?  The first line is:

“Tis midnight and see how the moon shines its light”

If you can help, please get in touch


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  1. mr ken ambrose

    I watched a film called ‘IronWeed’ a film set in the American depression time and a song was sung by Meryle Streep called ‘He’s my pal’, I must have heard that a couple of times at many a party round my grand parents just after the second world war, can you tell me more about that song.

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